Redesigning and Fixing the Perth Gel Ballers’ website

Imagine you’re a fan of blasting and shooting your friends in an intense game of gel ball (a bit like paintball, but not quite) multiple times a week. Whether you’re running around on foot or speeding by on Go Karts, this is what the Perth Gel Blasters Group in Bellevue, Western Australia gets up to weekly. However, the community was having some slowness and loading issues with their website.

The request

Complete Digital Advantage was approached to help improve the Perth Gel Ballers Group website. Our team found it slow and would at times, stop working. The group was looking for a design that was more friendly on the eyes and a site that would load faster.

David, one of the gel ball members was assisting in helping with the back-end technical performance improvements and backing up the site (thanks David!). Working with David, the owner, and the website manager, we tested out different site designs and various performance enhancements to make the site faster to browse and use.

It was of course, a snazzy green camo background that won as part of the site redesign. Initial demos and screenshots shown to the group owner and manager were very positively received. Following a few more tweaks and adjustments to make the site extra speedy, we made further upgrades back-end with the website host to ensure the site runs nicely for everyone in the future.

Launching the new website

Only two days after the request, Complete Digital Advantage launched the new Perth Gel Ballers website. It’s a breeze to use on your phone or tablet, and looks just as great on your computer. We used camo colours and thick fonts to complete the perfect look for the community. The gel ballers can continue to buy gear, view events and login to the membership accounts. I personally, just love the camo theme we’ve got going for them…

Perth Gel Ballers’ delighted community

The Gel Ballers were delighted about the relaunched website and shared the exciting news in their Discord server, and social media with a nice touch:

Final words

As the designer working on the upgrade, I am delighted at the superb feedback we received and the community’s excitement. It’s a great feeling to help out another local community and get an introduction into the world of gel ball. If you have a website in need of a new look or other improvemetns, drop us a line at or contact us here.

You can check out the live Perth Gel Ballers website over at: Who knows, you might find it one of your favourite next hobbies.

Until next time,

Happy browsing

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